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Enriched with Omega-3, Vitamin E and Selenium 'Omega 3 Eggs' are the healthiest choice you can make for your family. Omega 3 gives the following health benefits:

- Helps lower cholesterol

- Reduces chances of stroke

- Controls blood pressure

- Excellent for pregnent women

- Beneficial for growing children

- Enhanses effects of anti-aging effects

- Gives natural glow to skin and promotes silky hair



Farm Fresh 'Golden Eggs' are righ in Vitamins A & D and are produced by hens who are given natural nutrition based on corn and grains. This helps control cholestrol level and is free from all prevelent poultry diseases. 



Farm Fresh 'Classic Eggs' are the cleanest & most hygenic eggs than any available in the open market. Not only are these nutritious and tasty, they adhere to the same quality standards as all our other products. 

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