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Corn Silage

Wahdat Corn Silage was one of the first large scale producers of highly nutritious corn silage in Pakistan. With the massive growth of the silage market in Pakistan Wahdat has created a sound and profitable business that has the potential to further capitalize existing business model 


The ‘kinnow’ is a sub form of Oranges that is smaller in size but tastes similar. Kinnow was created after successful experimentation at the Citrus Research Centre, University of California, USA in 1951.


The soil and climatic conditions in Pakistan have given the Kinnow a unique flavor which distinguishes it from other mandarins grown in the world. Ideal conditions for growing kinnow include abundance of water, rich nitrogen content in the soil and relatively cool weather. Sargodha is the main citrus producing district of Pakistan as it provides an excellent atmosphere for this fruit, resulting in its sweet and distinct taste.


Wahdat Farms has been producing export quality ‘kinnow’ oranges for decades and has collaborated with leading Agri Universities to develop ‘best practices’ in kinnow orchard growth and nurturing. Currently we supply high quality kinnows to the best dealers in the country.

 Organic 'Kinno' at Wahdat Farms
 Organic 'Kinno' at Wahdat Farms
 Organic 'Kinno' at Wahdat Farms


The health and fertility of the topsoil is the heart of clean organic farming. If the soil is healthy and rich with nutrients then the plants will be healthy and will bear pure luscious fruit and vegetables. 


Unfortunately current farming uses a lot of artificial fertilizers, chemicals which not only ruin the soil and weaken the plant, but are extremely harmful for humans. These harmful  chemicals and sprays are transmitted to humans who unkonwingly consume them. 


At Wahdat Farms we shun artificial chemicals and sprays and prefer the power of natural organic fertilizer to enrich the soil. We produce our own organic fertilizer from the droppings of our cows and chicken. WE ONLY USE ORGANIC FERTILIZER PRODUCED BY US IN OUR FARMS. 


Wahdat Farms also supplies three varieties of Organic Fertilizer to progressive farmers who want to maintain high standards of their farms. We will soon be supplying organic fertilizer directly to the consumer so that you can you can grow healthy fresh food in your backyards and balconies!


Tunnel farming consists of small greenhouse-like structures of clear plastic, covering the plants along rows. In winters these tunnels protect plants from frost that can destroy or damage them. This promotes early growth by warming the air surrounding the plants, using heat from the sun. Greater overall crop yields are obtained when the plants come into earlier production and continue to bear throughout the season. Thus farmers are able to grow off season crops.


At Wahdat Farms we use tunnel farming to grow organic vegetables and fruits off season. We have successfully grown high quality organic tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum and strawberries off season. In future we hope to introduce our beautiful, fresh and organic to the market so that you can enjoy good quality fruits and vegetables just like you enjoy our dairy and poultry products!

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